Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Urgent Tech Help offers you help on Private Browsing

Surfing an internet from public computer keeps the history of all websites in store. Next time, anyone log into the same computer can easily check out the websites and other personal data on the computer. Private Browsing is the safest mode to surf the internet. Here, you do not have any fear to share the websites with unknown visitors. Do you want a remote support on private browsing? Then, call an expert and get real-time knowledge on the same.
For Internet Explorer
  • Open IE Browser and click on the ‘Tools’ menu. After you open ‘InPrivate Browsing’, a fresh window will open and the secure browsing is ON. Press “Ctrl-Shift-P” and ‘InPrivate Browsing’ window will come. Start internet surfing in a safe mode. 
  • After you finish surfing, close the safe browsing mode. All the information will automatically lose once you close the browsing window.
For Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome and you will get an option menu by clicking “Wrench” icon. Start private browsing after clicking on “New Incognito Window”.
  • Once you close Incognito Mode, all the cookies will be removed automatically. Get technical support from an expert to understand in a better way.
For Mozilla Firefox
  • In Firefox, click on the option “Firefox” and select “Private Browsing”. You can also take the help of “Ctrl-Shift-P” to start browsing.
  • If you are done with Private Browsing, then click on “Stop Private Browsing”. You will be terminated from private browsing.
Urgent Tech Help is always ready to help you in all circumstances. The trained experts will give you the best computer help.