Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Urgent Tech Help’s Bronze Plan comes With a Herd of Computer Repair Services

In order to ensure the longevity of computers, it is very important to go for regular checkup of the computers. Basic PC check up, by Urgentechhelp has become a very important part of the computers that can ensure good health of the customers. Appreciating these facts, UTH has launched their “Bronze Plan” with the service validity of 365 days at an affordable price. This offer includes troubleshooting support, complete PC diagnosing and repair, & health check up of the PC.

They mainly focus on the common problems that arise in the computer. These are:

  • Crash of Hard Drive.
  • Slow running of the computers.
  • Computer is getting hang or freeze.
  • Computer applications don’t respond in normal way.
  • Abnormal behavior.
  • Showing error messages.
  • Receiving frequent “pop-ups”.
  • Suffering from the loss of data.
  • Secure & personal information is getting hanged.
  • Computer is getting rebooted automatically.
  • Computer is not at all starting.
  • Software is not working.

At Bronze Plan, the customers will get 1 year technical support including live support service. The technician will also clean up all the junk & undesired files. Their service comes with regular check-ups of the computer at the regular intervals. Their service includes the cleaning of Bugs & PC Worms. They provide a comprehensive & complete technical support on 24*7. They also provide advices & guidance to the clients based upon the problems.